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Wishlist and suggestions » ASIO support » today 11:30:01

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Thanks for letting me know about the issue, craftyjon. I have added it to the todo list. I remember an ASIO-specific way of opening the driver configuration dialog. It wasn't included in jammr because I expected ASIO driver to configuration to happen outside the application.

Regarding ASIO4ALL, does jammr's WDM-KS audio system support work? ASIO4ALL is an adapter from WDM-KS to ASIO, so in theory nothing is gained by using it - jammr should behave the same (if not better) with the native WDM-KS driver that ASIO4ALL uses.

Jam sessions » Jammr Jam JammCast Friday 7rh May 2021 (Time TBC) » today 11:45:16

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Hello guys,

Anyone up for a Jammr Jam JammCast tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to do it on the evening, maybe around 7pm BST but I'm happy to fit around everyone else.

Just let me know if you want to take part so I can whitelist you.

Keep safe and hopefully jam with you tomorrow.


Recordings » Wednesday 4 » today 12:45:25

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Jam sessions » Jammr Jam JammCast Friday 7rh May 2021 (Time TBC) » today 13:48:44

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I'll be there if nothing so urgent came up. Thanks J.

Introductions » Zenethchisa » today 15:27:58

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