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Discussion » Pat Metheny » Aug. 19, 2021 23:37:08

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I saved this link at the time stamp where he begins to explain his playing style. The whole interview is worthy of your time but the end section contains advice invaluable to Jammr. Particularly in the area of dynamics. When you crank up the gain and hammer on the strings, your dynamics are zero while you consume the entire bandwidth making the other players moot. Live and learn -

Discussion » How it's done » July 28, 2021 22:33:59

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This lesson by John Mayer works for Jammr. I tried the idea with Casper today. Once I got him to calm his guitar playing down to match his vocals and serve the minimalist loop I had laid down; wow! It was a very rare jam that allowed me to increase my monitor volume rather than be repelled by the wall of harmonic hell experienced in most jams. More people should think about this. It increases the enjoyment factor and leaves room for more jammers. It does lay bare your chops. That's a good thing.

Discussion » Something to ponder » July 26, 2021 21:14:42

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Imagine if everyone played in service to the song rather than being Lord Of The Jam.

News » Forum spam cleaned up - July 7 2021 » July 7, 2021 12:47:57

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Over the past few days there was a greater amount of forum spam than usual. All spammers have been banned and the posts have been deleted.

Back to jamming!

Jam sessions » Come and join me on jammr! :D » May 27, 2021 15:16:10

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Guitar player watiting for someone to join! Btw, the keyboard on the mac im using is half broken so communicating might be an issue.

Recordings » .44 Mag » May 17, 2021 19:14:57

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This is a song I put together this week.


Synth: Drums, Koto

Discussion » A first look at PipeWire Linux audio » May 3, 2021 09:32:15

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Linux has mostly used PulseAudio for general applications and JACK for pro audio in recent times. PipeWire is a new audio/video system that can replace both PulseAudio and JACK. I have just tried jammr with PipeWire for the first time and wanted to share what I found so far.

The advantages of PipeWire include:
  • Unified audio system eliminates the split between general applications and pro audio.
  • No need to start/stop JACK daemon.
  • Compatible with PulseAudio and JACK applications (qjackctl, virtual instruments, DAWs, etc).
  • Unlike JACK, it's compatible with Flatpak.

I tried pipewire 0.3.26 on Fedora 34 with Focusrite Scarlett Solo and Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 sound cards.

The first gotcha is that pavucontrol's PulseAudio device configuration affects PipeWire. If you turn off a sound card in pavucontrol then it will not be available in PipeWire or JACK applications either! Make sure to set the device to the “Pro audio” configuration.

jammr can be launched as normal. There is also a pw-jack wrapper utility but it's not necessary if you have PipeWire installed with JACK support and the old jackd is not installed.

Instead of seeing the usual JACK “System” input and output devices, the actual sound cards are displayed. This will surprise you if you're a long-time JACK user . Selecting the appropriate input/output devices creates an audio connection from jammr to those sound devices.

The out-of-the box sample rate and buffer size is 48 kHz and 1024 frames (~21.3 milliseconds latency). Selecting a lower Latency value in jammr's sound settings does not seem to affect latency! The minimum buffer size can be set in the /etc/pipewire/ configuration files. Hopefully the defaults will be lowered so that it's not necessary to tweak the minimum buffer size.

Instead of editing configuration files I found the following environment variable affects the minimum buffer size:
 $ PIPEWIRE_LATENCY=64/48000 jammr

This allowed jammr's Latency sound setting to take effect and it felt responsive again.

Next I tried running the Flatpak version of jammr. The JACK audio system did not show up in jammr's sound settings. It is probably necessary to pass the JACK socket to the application using a flatpak-run(1) option. I haven't investigated this yet but once it's solved I'll update the jammr Flatpak so it works automatically for all users.

PipeWire can already be used with jammr. There are still a few gotchas but hopefully they will be eliminated as PipeWire matures. In the meantime you can use ALSA if you do not need to route audio between applications.

Technical support » Bit of help needed from fellow Jammr Jam JammCast participants » May 2, 2021 09:33:32

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Hello guys,

I'm trying to get a way of having video (albeit out of sync) of people who are in the Jammr room with me during JammCasts. Basically I'm feeling a little guilty that I'm hogging the limelight during our jams.

I think I may have found a solution in:

Would anyone be willing to both join in a Jammr Jam JammCast and also send video as well. If you wanted any social media links displayed for yourself on your video I'd happily oblige.

No worries if you'd prefer to stay incognito though 😁😁

Keep safe


Recordings » 4284 » April 29, 2021 16:25:49

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yqodsi rocky JorgeWins LowDown

Recordings » The Magic Groove - Lockett_00 <> yqidsi_04 <> Spoof » April 18, 2021 20:54:28

The Magic Groove

Lockett_00 on bass
YQ on Guitar
Spoof on drums, keys, loops

Recordings » Vocals, synths, guitars, basses, piano, and drums - no expense spared! » April 4, 2021 08:35:20

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The full band. From around the world. Two basses, just in case. More guitars than Guns N' Roses. No compromises, no expenses spared. We did it, guys, we're semi-pro!


BassHammer - bass
choxsie2020 - synthesizer
edmelendez - vocals
FrostMelon - guitar
nicld91 - synthesizer
shavit103 - bass
stefanha - guitar, piano, drums
yqodsi - guitar

Recordings » Late Night Spiral » April 1, 2021 15:49:44

Late Night Spiral


Recordings » Saved by the Bell » April 1, 2021 15:48:12

MP3 File: Saved by the Bell


News » jammr chat room now available on Matrix » March 17, 2021 17:32:08

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There is now a chat room available for the jammr community:

Come join if you want to keep in touch with other jammr users or find people to jam with. The Element app is available on iOS, Android, desktop, and web.

Jam sessions » Jazzy Groove Friday Night - Mar 05 2020 (8:30pm Mountain Time = 10:30pm Eastern Time) » March 5, 2021 23:26:23

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Hey guys,

Returning tonight with lots of energy, missing my fretless bass untouched for a month.

Let's jam tonight. Last Weather Report sounding-like-ish jam (you may find it in Jammr Forum Recordings section) was memorable, with the huge contribution of TMW4 and Chris-O-Matic.

I hope they will be here again!

Let's make it a habit, it sounded so good…


Introductions » Seeking Punk/Pop-punk friendlies to jam with... » Feb. 27, 2021 23:28:58

Looking to perform some Green Day/MCR/Nirvana covers with some like minded punks - serious about my music and fun in general…use JamKazam as well wanted to try this one….

Recordings » voice jam » Feb. 27, 2021 12:58:59

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Nice voice! Very happy to join such jams!

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