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#1 Jan. 16, 2017 21:12:25

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jammr 1.2.8-rc2 beta for macOS released

Text input fields behaved strangely in jammr 1.2.7 on macOS by beeping or sending an empty line in the chat after every message. The minimum macOS version was also raised to Sierra (10.12) and there have been requests to lower it again. There is now a beta release that aims to fix these issues.

Try the jammr 1.2.8-rc2 beta release for macOS if you're feeling adventurous.

Warning: This is a beta release and may not work as well as the current stable release. Roll back to the stable release at any time simply by downloading and installing jammr again.

When you start the beta a dialog will ask if you want to install the current stable version. Say “no” to that dialog.

Mac: https://jammr.net/static/1.2.8-rc2/jammr.dmg


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  • » jammr 1.2.8-rc2 beta for macOS released[RSS Feed]

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