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#1 Sept. 17, 2017 23:13:22

From: norway
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jami dodger

Hi folks. just wanna say a lil about myself. im ilkin from lonon, but now live in Norway. been playing on and off for ages but never really with others. self taught and as of now trying to learn abit more about lead/scales and chord chasing type stuff. been on jammr a few times and had some good experiances. im also a member of the guitarzoom community on facebook as i purchased a course from them and i shared jammr's fb page with the group, as i thought exposure is a good thing for this awsome site. looking forward to more cool jamms
peace out ilkin76

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#2 Sept. 20, 2017 06:56:16

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jami dodger

Welcome ilkin76! Looking forward to jamming with you soon.


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