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#1 Nov. 27, 2018 21:41:36

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hello new to this

Ive joined this mainly to jam with my brothers . im paddy 37. mainly like to play and sing irish folk music
I play guitar and pickin up the banjo or mandolin. Im not very good at any of them but i can play a few tunes quite well. having a problem tho. when i connected to the puplic jam just to try it I got massive feedback from my lap top speaker. my ears still hurt!!! can anyone help? If anyone likes folk it would be good to have a jam some time. cheers jammrs.


#2 Nov. 28, 2018 08:24:19

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hello new to this

Welcome, Paddy!

To avoid feedback when the input device is a microphone, use headphones or untick the “Play back my audio” checkbox in jammr's sound settings.


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