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#1 March 31, 2019 05:37:29

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jammr setup latency

What is jammr setup's Latency?
Current value is Latency 5.8 //list

Windows7 (Japanese)
// SB Audio
C-MEDIA Chipset USB Audio
//= Simple..One this kind USB Audio
// like Amazon.com: UGREEN USB Audio Adapter External Stereo Sound Card
// https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N905VOY/
/// MS default USB Audio Driver
jammr setup
In USB Audio
Play back my audio
Out SB Audio
Sameple Rate 44100
Latency 5.8
Windows WDM-KS

finger Drum KB.
I changed setup, direct analog monitor.

Play back my audio

Play back my audio
and Analog Mixer.

recored sound at web
seems me
my part is bit faster(pre)

Drum Loop and my finger drum play is ok.
same sourece at local.
= local analog monitor for
*Drum loop
*My Kb finger drum play

jammr setup's Latency or other part effect this issue?


#2 April 4, 2019 05:56:09

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jammr setup latency

The “Latency” value in jammr's settings is what you will experience. In this case 5.8 milliseconds, which is not noticeable for most people.

If you have direct monitoring enabled together with “Play back my audio” you may notice that the audio sounds strange. Only enable one or the other. I recommend “Play back my audio” so that you hear the same mix (volume) as the other users.

When we jammed together you sounded fine.


#3 June 1, 2019 10:52:08

From: Uk
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jammr setup latency

That info was helpfull , I'm still experimenting and I'm very cautious about my volume being too loud and over powering .I think if in doubt then ask the people your jamming with .

~~~ Forever climbing this musical mountain ~~~


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