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#1 Sept. 19, 2019 06:01:39

From: Calgary
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European drummer in Canada

Hi guys, I am new to this. Just want to greet everyone. Anyways, semi skilled drummer, my biggest influence and reason i started playing drums was John Bonham, of course. That was long time ago back in the mid nineties. I had amateur band for a while in my home town, we did local gigs. Then i paused for a couple years, then again started playing for couple years, then paused again etc. I moved to Canada six years ago, started again, no band unfortunately but keeping myself active with my electronic drumset (living in townhouse). Recently i purchased late 70ies Ludwig chrome over wood, also have cheap but good Pearl export, plus i started colecting snares which can easily become addiction, for now i have two Acrolites, Tama Swingstar and one custom hand made mash up from all kinds of parts. I usually practice three times a week on youtube drumless lessons which gives me opportunity to stay in time and develop more feeling and finesse. I am not big fan of crazy speed, i might say i am into groove, which is for me essential and more important than beating speed of sound or light. Love all kinds of music, love to explore, been everywhere, from classic rock, through metal, hip hop, house, acid jazz, reggae, pop, folk rock, progressive rock and back. The only thing i can't stand is trash metal, speed metal and everything that has no real music value, from my point of view. That includes instant, one week miracle bands, singers, stars etc.
Well, that's it for now. Thank you


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