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#1 Dec. 8, 2019 23:06:46

From: Danville, KY
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Drummer from Another Mother

Hey Everyone. Got super excited when i saw there was an online community of musicians jamming together. Got the software, went in to the Jammr App and Public Jam shows 0/0. Knew it was too good to be true.
Anyway for what its worth, I am 41 and been playing drums since I was 5. No really, I have the photos to prove it. I started so early in life that I don't even remember learning to play drums, I just always did. Of course I eventually went through classical training regiments and all that. Played Tenor Drums in the Marching Band even though I only weighed 110lbs. Played in many different bands. For 15 years I played in a band called the hub, which later changed its name to the apparitions. I also toured with Rebecca Lynn in my teen years. I bought out a studio with my earnings and played drums on too many to name bands records. I play all genres minus, Country and Heavy Metal. However, my Love for Funk, Traditional Dub and Raggae will always be what I am looking to play the most.
I play both Acoustic and Electric kits. On here I will be playing my Roland TD-30 Electric Drum Kit. It's easy to mix in with all the other instruments and sounds better than my Acousitic Kit.
Hope to actually get to jam with some folks on here soon.
Me Drumming


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