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Hi there,

I'd like to set up a group that could be used by Old-Time musicians (banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin etc.).

Is this possible within Jammr?
Hello Jan, I would also like to participate in Old-Tyme style jams. I am very new to Jammr myself, but here are my first impressions about Jammr and also about connecting with similar minded musicians.
1. Setting up your musical instruments, sound hardware, computer hardware and software will be a challenge to the average person wondering about online jamming, in this site for example.
2. First hurdle is to achieve actual sound within a Jammr jam. Be aware right from the getgo, that if you will be using a microphone, you will absolutely need to mute loudspeakers and use Headphones.
3. Next hurdle is to listen and observe how a public jam proceeds. Be forwarned: lots of ‘newbies’ entering jams struggling with setups. The really experienced jammers have worked out the issues and are creating a wall of sound in a jam with their buddies. If you enter such a jam in progress, just listen to hear how the guys proceed. This can be a great listening experience. But most of these experienced jams play instruments that are directly output into their computer software, usually no vocals are present. The wall of sound drives like a fast moving train.
4. Next, there is a method to the Jammr software which hinges upon BPM and the BPI setting in a jam. This will be tricky to understand, at first. Read up in the forum about this. But basically, if I understand this, the BPI setting formats buffering of the sound. So in a 4 Bar / 4 beat music, the BPI will be 16, and Jammers can hop on the train at the beginning of the first metronome beat, but they will actually be playing with the 16 beats that had already just occurred. Anyway, it seems to work.
5. Multiply all these issues by all the newbies and hopefully you can find enough Old-Tyme Jammers.
Any instrument can be used with jammr. As EdwardZ said, connecting acoustic instruments requires a microphone and some experimentation to get good recordings. In fact, if you have recorded yourself on your computer before then you are probably ready to start jamming!
#me too! I'm definitely up for an Old Time jam.
I've just found jammr!
Old-Time banjo in UK.
Would love to jam with anyone who'll have me!

Does the built-in mic on a Mac do the job?
If not - any tips for a good mic??
My Dell Windows laptop mic didn't work well at all, so I've used a Rode mic through a mixer and a digital converter to usb into my laptop…It's worked well with a few other experiments…..shall we make a time for us to try out jamming? Maybe tomorrow?
Hi All,
I am just discovered Jammr today. Signed up and posted a OT jam for this evening… 6:00 Pacific time in the US. But, despite the fact that I am fairly technologically sophisticated I am unsure how to proceed with the actual hosting.
- Is there a way to test whether my external mic is working?
- After I open the app and set BPI and BPM what do I do next?
- How does a tune actually get started?
- How do folks communicate prior to and after a tune… through text messaging?

It looks like there is a fiddler, banjo player in this strand, and I am a guitar player. Can we work this out?
Hi OTGuitar,

I tried my system out by joining in with a couple of public jams that were running at the time….they weren't old time but it was useful to play along with a keyboard player in Germany and an Italian guitarist! After the session jammr send you an email with a link to your recorded jam, so that you can adjust your volume etc. ready for the next time.

I live in Wales, UK, so in a different time zone to you….what I've done with a couple of people here in Wales that I know play is to ring them on the 'phone and arrange a time and a tune to play through, then set up a private jam in jammr and in Admin, Access Control invite the people you want by typing in their usernames.

I hope this helps.
Hi Jan,

I'm in Suffolk UK, and would be keen to so an OT jam. I play mandolin. I'm currently still getting jammr set up.

Bore Da

Bore Da Bob,

Gobeithio ti'n iawn a iach!

Shall we make a time to try jamming? And a key and tune to try out?

Maybe tomorrow Sunday at 5pm?

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