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#1 March 26, 2020 02:07:41

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Passwords (saving, updating, etc)

I let my browser assign a random password when registering, now I'm stuck with it and can't figure out how to change it. Nothing in the user profile that I can find. Sure, my browser saved it, which allows me to login to the website, but not when opening the app. Even trying to use the Forgot Password/Reset Password link seems to be broken. I hope this is something you address sooner rather than later, because it negatively effects my login experience every single time I try to use the Jammr app. Thanks!


#2 March 29, 2020 20:40:30

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Passwords (saving, updating, etc)

Please let me know if there is an error message. There was an issue a few days ago but password reset is working now:


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