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#1 March 29, 2020 12:04:26

From: Dorset
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Hi, I'm new to this forum not entirely sure what I'm doing yet but hoping I will soon. Reasonably tech savvy for an oldie but have black holes of knowledge in sound tech.

I play Bodhran (Celtic drum) for about seven/eight years and I knew I wanted to drum and the Bodhran came about because I saw a £50 untuneable one on offer for £25 and thought, if it doesn't work out I'll not have lost much. I joined in a weekly music session a few months later and bought my first good Bodhran. Nobody at the session says what they are about to play so i'm used to that. Bodhran can do most rhythmns that a full kit will do except cymbals, not worked that one out yet. Never stop learning and just doing a course on some 7/8 beat patterns and 7 different cowbell beat patterns in 6/8 mostly African and Latin and more. I have various tippers to produce different drum sounds by shape weight, felt and jazz sticks and I do not stick to Irish or folk.

I do have concerns about how I can amplify my drum into my computer. Can amplify and got a mixer but not sure about the mic, it's for performing not recording. Working on that but any ideas would be gratefully received.

I do have an Alesis electro drum kit but I'm still a novice.

I got into playing in a local Uke band about 4 years ago because someone told me that the beat patterns I drum with are the same as the strum patterns on a guitar. I thought I start with 4 strings and work my way up to 6 strings. So I'm OK with Soprano, Concert, Tenor with low G and Baritone, just begun the Guilele, not so used to the two extra strings, yet.


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