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#1 May 23, 2020 20:50:40

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Can't get anything to work...

I am a computer guy and my friend and I can't get this to work for us. I can start a jam and see and hear the metronome but my friend only gets a blue box that does not move. He also can't hear anything. This seems to be way more complicated than it should be and this is coming from an engineer. How in the world do you get support with this program???


#2 May 24, 2020 06:05:13

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Can't get anything to work...

If the metronome bar is not making progress for your friend after connecting to a jam then their audio is not working yet. It may be necessary to disconnect from the jam session and change jammr's audio settings (File | Settings on Windows and jammr | Preferences on Mac).

If your friend is on Windows try changing the “audio system” from “Windows WDM-KS” to “WASAPI” to get audio working.

I can recommend specific sound settings for them if they go to Help | Show log after connecting to a jam and post the technical information that is displayed.

There is an audio setup guide here that may be useful: https://forum.jammr.net/topic/1987/


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