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#1 June 9, 2020 15:31:57

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Make Beta Testing Easier

I’m reading about desirable features in the latest Beta (e.g. stereo, cleaner settings page) but wonder if you could simplify the Beta cycle by making the Beta version a different app name, e.g, jammr_Beta_x_y?

This way, users would not have to uninstall and reinstall to return to “latest stable release”.


#2 June 12, 2020 18:35:23

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Make Beta Testing Easier

In an email Harris and I discussed this. Here is a summary for anyone following along on the forum:

The beta releases are built as close to the stable release as possible to reduce the risk of bugs that will only happen in the stable release. The program name or installation folder can affect the behavior of the program in various ways, so it's safer to keep it the same.

That said, if only being able to have one jammr version installed at a time is an inconvenience to many people then it can be changed. It just increases the risk of problems that go undetected in beta.


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