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#1 June 20, 2020 17:39:20

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Trying to join

A friend of mine is trying to join, he says every time he enters his email he gets kicked out, what could be causing this?


#2 June 22, 2020 08:47:28

Registered: 2012-11-11
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Trying to join

Hi DaveG,
If your friend has started the jammr application and is trying to log in, please be sure to use the exact username (not email address) that they registered with.

If they forgot their username they can check it on the website (https://jammr.net/profiles/edit/). If prompted to log in they can use their email address even though it says “username”.

They can also reset their password here https://jammr.net/accounts/password_reset/ and the reset email will remind them of their username.

If they have any more issues, they can email me directly at info@jammr.net and I can help them set up their account.

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