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#1 Aug. 1, 2020 16:56:46

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I am assuming that latency is the time interval between when i play a drumbeat and when I hear it come back. When I play with a BPI the same (or multiple of) that beat, everything sounds fine. How can I increase or slow down the latency to change the speed we have to play?


#2 Aug. 2, 2020 13:37:25

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In jammr there are two values that affect how the chord progression is synchronized:
1. The tempo or Beats Per Minute (BPM) determines the speed you play at. This is the metronome tempo.
2. The interval length or Beats Per Interval (BPI) determines the number of beats in the chord progression. You hear others after BPI beats and they hear you after BPI beats.

For example, if you are playing the chord progression G C D G and each chord is held for 4 beats then BPI can be set to 4 chords x 4 beats/chord = 16 beats.

The “latency” value in jammr's sound settings determines the delay in local audio. It doesn't affect synchronization. When “Play back my audio” is enabled your instrument will feel more responsive with low latency values. The trade-off is that this places more strain on your computer and you will hear crackling or similar audio glitches if latency is set lower than your computer can handle. Around 10 milliseconds is a safe value that feels okay and usually does not produce glitches.


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