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#1 Dec. 25, 2020 17:04:50

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Happy holidays from jammr!

The end of the year is approaching and I want to take this moment to thank everyone in the jammr community:

Premium users support the running and development of jammr, and they get private jams and recorded jams. Thank you so much for using jammr! Your support means jammr will keep getting better.

Free users make jammr a great place to play together. Keep jamming! Thank you for making jammr a friendly place where you'll find people to play with.

Beta testers, forum posters, and everyone who has provided feedback. Your input is incredibly helpful in solving problems and finding out how to improve jammr.

It's been a very challenging year for people around the world and I hope that jamming together has provided you with inspiration and positive experiences!

Happy jamming in 2021!


#2 Dec. 30, 2020 20:44:54

From: Freiburg
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Happy holidays from jammr!

and….. a special thanx to Stefanha !!!
You keep that great platform running and realize many peoples dream and their pleasures and desires to jam with others! I really love having 3-4 jammr nights a week with all of my dear jammr-fellows around the world! There been so many precious times and sounds…..A big thanx to all of you. I spent more time hanging round here than having other musicians or music-interested peoeple around the last year!

Have all a good 2020-ending…… may fortune, luck and happiness be with all of you!!!


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