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#1 Jan. 29, 2021 18:44:55

Registered: 2021-01-27
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Looking for folks to jam with...

Hi everybody,

I am Boomer, dad of a six year old. Despite lack of time I managed to continue playing the guitar, and took some singing lessons. I only have time in the evenings, when the little one is asleep. Anyway, it‘s always inspirational to jam with others, and I managed to do it despite my parent role. I played in bands before, but just for fun, nothing ambitious.

But now with the pandemic, things became more difficult. The only jam session I had last year was on our terrace.

Looking forward to jam every now and then online with someone. My main instrument is electric guitar, but I like to sing as well (not sure if that‘s possible online), and a few months ago I started playing the cajon. I live in Germany.


#2 Jan. 30, 2021 16:39:13

From: Ottawa - Canada
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Looking for folks to jam with...

Good to meet you Boomer! Hope to see you online sometime, Jammr is a great place to get that ham jam in while we wait for the live jams to happen soon, hopefully!

Guitar/Keys/DrumLoops + Chaos
www.heightspeak.com –> check it out, my band in Canada


#3 Feb. 20, 2021 17:39:08

Registered: 2020-12-13
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Looking for folks to jam with...

Hi Boomer, I live in Germany, too and currently I jam in 2 online bands. That works great and I would appreciate to jam with you. Just give me a reply. I will talke care and contact you.

By the way- I play drums


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