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#1 Jan. 31, 2021 09:20:03

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List of Pop/Rock Songs - Please Contribute!

For those who would like to play a song together it would be nice to have a list of songs that just uses the same chorts throughout the song. I believe other songs with chord changes for a chorus will not work, because while playing together on jammr, we will not be able to know when to change to a different chord progression for a chorus simultaneously (please correct me if I am wrong). That does not mean that only „verse only songs“ are allowed; some songs (like „knocking on heaven‘s door“) use the same chord progression for verses and the chorus!

Other songs with simple chord progressions will surely work as well, even if the chorus has different chords, provided that it‘s not getting too complicated and that verses and chorus repeat in a regular pattern (like „Cocaine“). So feel free to add them here, too.

Here are the songs that I can think of. Please comment to add your ideas, I will then edit this initial post so that we will have them all together at the top of this thread. You could also add the chord progression if you know it.

Creep (Radiohead)
Give me one reason (Tracy Chapman)
Proudest Monkey (Dave Mathews Band)
Cocaine (Eric Clapton)

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#2 Oct. 13, 2022 06:36:37

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List of Pop/Rock Songs - Please Contribute!

Hello Boomer,

nice idea!

Perhaps you can add “The Boys are back in tow” (Thin Lizzy) to your list.



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