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#1 March 10, 2021 13:02:57

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Just getting set up

Can anyone offer advice on how to get over audience related jitters? I mean, I can't really picture you all naked as I have no idea what you look like, and recordings of however playing goes are available to anyone with Internet access, or is it just those who logged in to the session, or more only those who sent audio for a cycle?


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#2 March 12, 2021 13:15:29

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Just getting set up

I started Jammr feeling the same. I found jamming without pressing send until I was comfortable really helped. Then when I knew what I was playing worked I'd press send and let the world hear me. Almost everyone on jammr are good, kind people who won't be rude to you even if you make mistakes so don't worry. After a few jams you'll not care a dot about messing up because everyone does.

Hope to jam soon



#3 March 13, 2021 16:24:11

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Just getting set up

It can be scary in the beginning and that's normal! JayPercival already mentioned you can disable the Send button in the bottom-right corner of the jammr window so that other users don't hear you. That's great while finding what key people are playing in or simply experimenting.

You'll quickly get comfortable. Then you'll have a sense of what is “safe” to play and will sound good. On days when I'm not feeling at the top of my game I stick to the safe stuff, like playing the root note of each chord, pentatonic licks, etc. On days when I'm feeling adventurous I'll take more risks and try new stuff .

The jammr Premium users who participated in the jam session have access to the recorded jam. However, other users participating in the jam might record it locally on their devices. If they enjoyed the jam they might post the audio somewhere or share it with their friends.

You're welcome to participate at any level of playing!


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