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#1 Sept. 5, 2021 16:57:44

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Play Back My Audio

“Can you hear me?” “Am I loud enough” “Am I too loud?”
Check the “Play Back My Audio Box!”
No one should be allowed to play otherwise. I don't know why it is even an option. The only way to get a good mix is for everyone to listen to the mix. Otherwise, you might as well be deaf.
Other things that screw the whole thing up are: playing a loop outside of the BPI and ignoring the BPM.
Let's face it; we're never going to have any other way of fitting in the mix. You must monitor your playback and jam within the designed framework. Rant over


#2 Sept. 7, 2021 18:50:26

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Play Back My Audio

Absolutely, most of the time “Play back my audio” should be enabled. It provides an accurate representation of the mix.

It may be necessary to disable it with acoustic instruments or when micing an amp in the same room. It depends on how well isolated your monitors/headphones are, but hearing yourself twice can be distracting. That's why the option is there.


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