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#1 Feb. 16, 2023 14:14:05

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Jammr flat pack app installed in linux mint

I had success with jammr flat pack under linux mint using the usb mic from my webcam and the headphones (not very much noise online) but I failed with my midi controller. I can hear my keyboard in lmms but I did't find any VST for jammr app or how to redirect the sound from the daw in jammr app. (I usualy use windows but I just tried that as an alternative). If you can tel me how to use a VST to enable my key please tell me your sollution. All these are free open source software and great for testing.

I like ukulele, recorder, guitar, drum, piano (absolute beginner)

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#2 Feb. 17, 2023 17:15:33

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Jammr flat pack app installed in linux mint

Hi adi,
The issue is probably with Flatpak. Both audio routing and plugins are still a little tricky in a Flatpak environment.

The PipeWire audio system is intended to work with Flatpak and supports audio routing (you can use JACK tools like qjackctl to send audio between applications). You can check if you're running PipeWire by running “ps aux | grep pipewire”. If you see a pipewire process, try setting LMMS and jammr to use the JACK audio system. Then you can route audio using the qjackctl utility.

VST plugins are an alternative to audio routing. The jammr client is a VST host, not a plugin. You can load VST instrument plugins inside jammr. I'm not sure if LMMS is available as a plugin though, so it may not be possible to load it inside jammr. It's not possible to load jammr inside LMMS either because jammr isn't a VST plugin. Flatpak makes VST plugins hard to use, so I recommend trying to use PipeWire for audio routing instead of VST plugins.

Please let me know how it goes and I can try to offer more detailed help and do some testing here too.


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