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#1 April 11, 2020 21:08:14

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VST plugins

Image Line Groove Machine - standalone/vst GrooveBox/ Sampler/ Music Workstation/ Virtual Synth
Working realy good, with no problems for me.

Loopcloud 5 Vst version works also fine, from time to time, can hear lil sound scratch, after few seconds vst's countinuing working normal. Don't know what is wrong with it, don't think, i have trial/lite/demo version of plugin or something like this, everything is working normal everywhere where i use this vst, only here not.

Today will try with Sony Acid and ReBirth


#2 April 27, 2020 21:58:20

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VST plugins

Anybody know of a good brick-wall limiter for use on a mac?

Multiple mac users in our group use mics and we have a lot of clipping issues. I'd like to get one simple brick-wall limiter in there with a meter in Jammr for visibility & clip protection.

The easier & simpler to install the better…


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