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#1 Jan. 28, 2016 11:26:47

From: Other Side of the Bridge
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A Few Idea's for when createing private jams

Hi Stef

what about password protecting jamm's so you don't have to mess about with access lists
And also how about adding a reserved space so if you have a created a open jam and it reaches maximum capacity
anyone on your reserved list can get in and bumps the last one to enter out “Last in First out”


#2 Jan. 31, 2016 09:08:44

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A Few Idea's for when createing private jams

Thanks for the suggestions, HighAction!

I have thought about various ways to limit and reserve slots. Sometimes it does feel like there should be a limit of ~5 users to prevent jam sessions getting too crowded. I think mechanisms that kick people through no fault of their own cause negative experiences, so I'd like to avoid that.


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