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Full Version: Jammr on Linux command line?
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Is it possible to run Jammr server completely on Linux command line without using GUI?

I would like to run it on a Linux remote server.

Yes. The jammr server does not have a GUI and runs from the command-line.

Why do you want to run a server?
Thanks for your response.

I'm based in Europe but looking to provide a server for people in Asia.

Is there any documentation for running from the command line?
The official jammr servers work for people around the world. They are not very sensitive to latency. You can jam with people in Japan, Australia, etc without running your own server.

If you decide to build Wahjam (the software that powers jammr), take a look at server/example.cfg and the server/wahjamsrv binary that gets built. To build, run qmake followed by make.
Thanks stefanha, I'll try Wahjam anyway!
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