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So, this isn't perfect or anything but would anyone want to try and add Bass to this track I've been working on?

It would give me a good idea of how it could turn out. Honestly, record whatever you want over it and send it over to me!

Have Fun!
Quick and dirty:

There is a bass track and an outro guitar solo.

You can use these audio files under the same license as all jammr audio:
Thank you stefanha!!

I will work on mixing these tracks!
Bass has been added!

Let me know what you think of the mix, I didn't add the outro guitar as I will probably be working on an outro solo.

Heck, some vocals added and this could be a song! Like I said, anyone feel free to contribute!

If anyone else wants to post a bass track, go for it! I'm not a great bass player and would love to hear what other people come up with.
I thought it sounded just fine! Especially from 2:00min mark and on. Thank you again!

I would love for more people to collaborate on this track, this could become a new “project” if we found a set of people and we could even make a Jammr Album for all of us!
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