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I can't install jammr, I get this error. Need I Visual C++ or something?

mfg Gugli
Else more information, I have Windows 7 64Bit
Thanks for reporting this problem, gugli!

If you have multiple sound devices plugged into your computer, please disconnect them. Only connect the one you will use with jammr.

This error message indicates that at least one sound driver is not compatible with jammr. Maybe it's the driver for a device that you are not using so unplugging the device could work around the problem.

I am investigating this issue and will let you know if it can be resolved in a future jammr update.

Does this problem happen immediately when you launch jammr or only when connecting to a jam?

If it only happens when connecting to a jam, please go to File | Settings… | Audio and set the “Audio system” to “WASAPI” or “DirectSound”. That will avoid the problem.

Hi Gugli,
I've done some more investigation about this error. Please let me know what sound devices are plugged into your computer when this error happens. For example “Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB recording interface”.

It would also be useful to see the jammr log file. Start jammr and go to Help | Show log. Please post the contents of the log.

If you are a technical user, maybe you can help provide the following information:

Open a Command Prompt (Start | Run… | cmd) and go to the jammr installation directory (cd AppData\Local\jammr). Save the stderr log to a file like this: jammr.exe >stderr.txt 2>&1. This will launch jammr and create a file called stderr.txt with low-level audio logs. Please post the contents of the log.

If you are a software developer, perhaps you can do the following:

Microsoft has a utility called KsStudio that can be used to show details of audio devices and drivers. This is a developer tool:

Find the device topology filter in the left pane of KsStudio, then drag-drop the list entry to the center window, right click on the filter instance in the center window and select “Show nodes” (or similar). That will expand the topology filter so that all nodes are viewable.

jammr.exe >stderr.txt 2>&1
Hi Stefan,

I made stderr.txt file. I hope you can find the problem now.

mfg Gugli
Thanks! I'll let you know what we find.

I solved problem by disabling audio devices in Device Manager. ESI Juli@ is not supported . I used Zoom B2.1u as input and integrated SoundMax as output.
I am encountering this error message:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion Failed!

Program: C:\Users\Net\AppData\Local\jammr\jammr.exe
File: src/hostapi/wdmks/pa_win_wdmks.c
Line: 1054

Expression: FALSE

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

(Press Retry to debug application - JIT must be enabled)

I tried disabling everything in Device Manager for my audio apart from my Speakers and Microphone and it still happens.

Additional Info: Running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64bit. I have C-media drivers for a generic sound card that I bought when my motherboard integrated sound card got wacked. I generic plug and play mic that works on Skype and other voice based applications. My speakers are 5.1 surround system.

Here is my stderr.txt

I am a Software Engineer (not an expert in Visual C++) and I can help you in any way you need me to. Please help me use this system, I am addicted to playing with other ppl.

Vullnet Dyla
Here is my stderr.txtI am a Software Engineer (not an expert in Visual C++) and I can help you in any way you need me to.

Hi Vullnet,
Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately this assertion failure has not been fixed yet.

It occurs in the Portaudio cross-platform audio library's WDM Kernel Streaming API code. WDM KS is a Windows API for accessing sound devices.

The code is trying to enumerate available sound devices but is hitting an “impossible” situation. Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the WDM Kernel Streaming API and have asked the Portaudio developer who is active in this area for help:

Both the jammr client and Portaudio are open source. You are welcome to contribute in debugging this issue, it will probably require learning about the WDM Kernel Streaming API and understanding the relevant Portaudio code:

A workaround would be to propagate the error (or NULL return) from FindStartConnectionTo()/FindStartConnectionFrom(). This means extending GetConnectedPin() callers to pass the error up and skip the current device when this happens.

If you want to contribute, please join the mailing list thread on the Portaudio developers mailing list that I linked above.

Thank you for your answer. Since I have very little experience with Windows development and no experience with the WDM Kernel Streaming API, I believe the best course of action is to wait for that Portaudio developer to give us an indication before trying to fix the issue.

I could take the source code and try to skip the problem or somehow make the application flow continue regardless of this encounter but I think that if we do that, some user who really has incompatible devices will be able to launch the software without any idea why it is not working once he tries to join a jam. There also might be more complex problems that cause this crash.

I have managed to successfully install the software on my laptop, which means that the problem is somehow related to my audio setup. Is it the fact that I have 2 sound cards, one of which is non operational but still detected by windows? Is the surround system which takes up 3 ports causing the problem? Probably that developer you mentioned can shed light into this matter.
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