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Hi stef
whos looking after the forum it seem that the lack of security checks are allowing anyone
to signup for an account without the need to verify thier email address
thus allowing for anyone to join and post crap on our forum please put in place some
form of email verification.

If you wish make me a mod and ill happily delete this shit..
i totally agree with HighAction!!!
There is email verification but spammers still target forums. I haven't been on the forum daily like I used to and that's why the spam is now visible, but I'm back!
HighAction: I've added you to the Forum Administrators group. You should see additional links to delete topics, move topics, etc. Thanks for your help!
Guys, it is becoming merchandise board for underground business.
Yes i know seem like anyone can make an account with any verification on email ive tested it myself
i can make an account on here with total Bullshit name email and everything and it just accepts it
the secrity needs beefing up somewhat..

Also maybe stef could report those people to
There is captcha verification and the activation link in the registration email needs to be clicked. This prevents bots but humans can create new jammr accounts and then post on the forum.

It's hard to lock it down further without inconveniencing genuine users.
Stef, I check this forum daily to see who is online and such. I can help filter out the spam posts.
Thanks, Tbryson07. I'm checking daily now that the spammers are back. I'll let you know if more help is needed.
Sounds good! Would love to help as much as I can since you provided us with this wonderful program.
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