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Brand new user here. I can hear the metronome and see other people entering and leaving the server but that's it. I don't hear anybody playing
Hi zydegeaux,
If you can hear the metronome then audio output is working and you should be able to hear others. It's possible that you were in a jam session where the others were just getting set up and hadn't gotten their own audio working yet (there are many new users at the moment due to coronavirus).

If there is no audio from someone you can let them know in the chat and encourage them to check if they have the Send button enabled in the bottom right corner of the jammr window. When Send is enabled others can hear you. When Send is disabled they cannot hear you.

Hope that helps!
Tried using my on-board for my laptop (I can see it in the drop downs), tried using Bluetooth headphones, also tried using plug-in headphones with microphone. I can hear jams, but it does not seem that I can vocally join them. Contemplating getting a Presonus 96, Focusrite Solo, or Yamaha AG03, anyone have any suggestions?
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Hi joecarb,
There are many audio interfaces on the market. They record significantly better quality audio than built-in sound cards, which are almost always noisy. Getting one is a good choice if you want to jam or record on your computer regularly.

Many cards do not require their own drivers and are “class-compliant USB audio devices”, which is convenient because you don't need to install additional software to use them.

The Focusrite interfaces are popular and I use the Scarlett 2i4 myself. The Presonus 96 has MIDI connections if you want to use traditional MIDI devices like keyboard controllers, drum controllers, or flootswitches. The Yamaha AG03 looks like the most advanced option with built-in mixer features including effects.

jammr generally works with any audio interface. There are rare cases where it is not compatible with a device so it helps if there is a return policy for whichever product you decide to get.
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