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Hi there

I'm from Austria, 28yrs old, musician.
This is my first impression (short version):

1. I guess the “Send” Button has something to do with send proper sound to others ? Why don't you name it “Mute” ?!

2. to join another jam, I have to disconnect current jam, then connect again to see “main menu”?! There must be an easier way. Something like an backward arrow in the upper corner

3. Thank you ! I love Jammr You did a great Job!! If u need any kind of help to promote this thing, I will do my best !!!
Hi goodold,
Thanks for the feedback .

1. “Mute” can be confusing because it doesn't mute the playback of your audio (if the “Play back my audio” checkbox is enabled in the sound settings). I'd like to replace the “Send” button with a radio broadcast-style icon so its purpose is self-evident. Hopefully this will work as a universal symbol that everyone understands .

2. Yes, the user interface is clumsy when it comes to navigating between jams. Similar feedback has been that people want to be able to see other jam sessions while still connected to their current jam. Maybe a tab bar interface is easier to use so you can always see the list of jam sessions - but you can only be in one jam at any given time. The bar could either but horizontal at the top/bottom or vertical on the side.

What do you think?

Thank you for the feedback and please keep sharing your ideas!
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