I'm also looking for a way to sing together with folks online. I tried out jammr with some other singers a few days ago it worked well in some ways! I actually think this has the potential to be a super powerful tool for singing with others online, and there are many many groups who are craving this, especially in our current circumstances. I have a couple questions/suggestions for the creators:

-It seems like adding more people to a jam session increases is the delay quite a bit, both in the chat and in the audio. E.g. people are hearing what I sing several intervals after I sing it, rather than just 1 interval after. Is this true? If so, I can singing with 6,7 or 8 singers, let alone dozens, would start to get really unwieldy. Is this why the number of participants is capped at 10?

-A more technical question: it seems like the lag in the chat was increasing exponentially with the number of people in the jam. Is this true? Is it because of the underlying infrastructure? (e.g. there is 1 connection for a 2 person jam; 3 connections for 3 people; 6 connections for 4 people; 10 for 5 people, etc?). If this is the case, I wonder if there's a different way to organize the way the data is flowing so jammr can accommodate more people. For example, I can imagine all of the audio files being sent to the host, where they're synced up, merged into one audio file and then sent back to everyone (rather than each participant sending data to and from each other). This might mean that the host ends up hearing his own voice on delay, but for a singing group this wouldn't be as much of a problem.

Anyway, I could be way off base here on how jammr works, but if there's a way to accommodate larger groups of people without a really long lag, this could be a super powerful tool for online singing groups, even with the limitations around having to repeat. I know so many people who would be really excited to use this. I'm not a real programmer but I do have some quantitative background (matlab, sql, stata) and I'd be interested in talking through this with someone more capable than me to see what is possible.
Thank you!