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Full Version: Show the chords near the interval display
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Sorry for adding another suggestion to the pile, but here's one that might help people keep things organized.

Great idea.
Yup, for now you can change the room topic to include the chords, so if you're a premium host (as I was yesterday), I could do that for sure. For the short-term, it might even make sense to have a jam host in that role, just babysitting BPI/BPM, setting the chord progression in the topic, etc.
Yeah the topic is a good short term solution. Long term, putting it near the interval/metronome graphic would be a great way to reinforce its use, and could encourage longer and more complex progressions.
Thanks for the suggestion and the nice mockup screenshot!

This is the direction the user interface is going in. In addition, jammr will calculate the BPI setting automatically based on the chord progression you enter. This way you don't need to manually calculate 4 bars x 4/4 time signature = 16 BPI and it will make jamming in sync accessible and more user-friendly. That means you only need to think in terms of tempo and chord progression.
Sounds great, just make sure you have a “manual” option in case we want to experiment with some funky meters. I was doing 24bpi at 180bpm earlier and we had a nice 6/8 feel going, I still want to try some 7/8 and 9/8.
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