Intervallic Instrumentals seem to be feel natural, and do not seem to pose much of a ‘mind-bend’, however multi-part vocal harmonies over verses will be difficult to achieve without a strategy and an understanding of the way delayed intervals work.
The 3 big colors represent 3 Singers, with their corresponding little colored circles representing Verses/Chorus that they will sing or hear in the Intervals 1-9.
The 3 sections represent each individual Singer's strategy.
The Primary Singer establishes the pattern, by singing a Verse/chorus, which on the next iteration of the interval, the others hear and sing along. In this second iteration the Primary singer is silent or plays Instrumental. On the next interval, The Primary will hear the others parts and can sing the same verse/chorus adding to the other singers' vocals. This is where the Primary singer experiences > 2 part Harmony possibilities.
Vocalists may appreciate the ability to simulate singing Multi-Part Harmony in traditional songs.