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Full Version: Free Rhythm Improvizations, Rubato and Long Unusual Rhythms
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I am hoping to use jammr to play Turkish classical music with others interested in the same. There is typically a lot of improvization in free rhythm, lots of rubato, and rhythm cycles in long and unusual (to Westerners) rhythms.

Sometimes there are rhythm cycles that do not repeat.

Is this going to work with jammr, which (from what I read) orients itself to repeating chord changes?

Hi Hasanabi,
Welcome to jammr!

Rubato works as long as there is a repeating structure.

“Repeating structure” is a loose idea, you don't actually have to play the same thing every interval. The underlying rhythm needs to repeat so that others can play together with you in sync.

I guess there is some structure since it is hard to improvize with other people even in real-life jams if the playing is totally unpredictable. So I think it could work. I suggest trying it out to see if it works for you!
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