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jammr 1.2.92 is available for beta testing

A beta version of the next jammr release is now available for testing. This is the third beta and it addresses issues that have been reported. Your feedback will help ensure that issues are found before the update is rolled out to all users.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac
Download for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Linux Flatpak (alternative for non-Ubuntu users):

 flatpak install --user flathub-beta net.jammr.jammr//beta

(You can add the flathub-beta repository with "flatpak remote-add –user flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo“ and refresh the list of applications with ”flatpak update –appstream".)

Changes since 1.2.91:
  • Make Settings dialog modal to solve focus and crashes when closing jammr with a plugin loaded (reported by Harris)
  • Add Ubuntu 20.04 LTS package because Flatpak does not support JACK on all systems
  • Support VST plugins that do not return an editor window rectangle during initialization
  • Fix macOS plugins by disabling library validation

If you want to revert to the latest stable release of jammr, install it as usual from https://jammr.net/download.html.


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  • » jammr 1.2.92 is available for beta testing[RSS Feed]

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