Hi, I hope this is not a duplicate thread that I am starting..
So I have the midi clock on jammr syncing with my sh01a for sequences and arpeggios etc (which works really well)
In an ideal world I would have an outboard drum machine going too to keep us all in time (will get one again soon, I sold them all years ago…)
So I tried using Logic on a mac for drum loops, but for reasons best known to apple they won't allow it to slave to midi clock. (wouldn't have been a problem on an atari ST running cubase 3.1!)

I guess I am am trying to find a *free* drum machine VST to run (and sync) in jammr on a mac(?) as a temporary workaround.
I have tried hydrogen as a standalone but not really sure how the internal clock would be synced to jammr. Do I need jack or some such routing mechanism?
Any suggestions would be welcome, please can someone tell me what am I missing?

Thanks for your time.