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Full Version: New jammr 64 app simple test.
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I completely renewed jammr app and driver on my laptop (which has a 4 rings 3.5mm jack for the headset). I used a low cost solution because I want to encourage some of my friends to join a jam without expensive gears, just their laptop soundcard and everyday headset for other online activities.

I choose for the new 64 app the asio driver with the settings as described in the technical page. There is no background noise anymore as I experienced in the old 32 app without asio driver.

Here is the result!

Adi have you just made a 64 bit Jammr app that has ASIO support??

Stef?!! Does this work??

64 bit Jammr app this is the official release by Stef. I just tested it. Usually I avoid any mic because I don't want to induce background noise or microphony but with asio4all driver the level of the background noise is low.
ASIO the setting lesson for asio4all driver.
Awesome, glad to hear the Windows 64-bit jammr release with ASIO support is working for you!
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