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I promised to post this recording done about a month ago.
The list of contributors is at home, while I am away for work, sorry.
Anyway, amazing atmosphere created, I enjoyed every moment.
I randomly split the 19 min recording in 4 due to file size limitations.
That was an awesome night of jamming! So glad you posted this.

Chris-o-matic on Keys
Hardy on Bass
TMW4 on Aerophone
YES! Thanks TMW4 and Chris-0-matic, pretty good job everyone there… imagine that we do something rehearsed…
I posted the link to this post on my fb page mentioning my musical activity on Jammr.

Glad to return home (but just for the next 10 days…), boy-oh-boy I'm gonna grab that bass soon in my hands again after a month of silence.
Just mentioned to a friend of mine who was impressed by the Jaco sound resemblance, that we may never play again in the same formula, rooms being so random, so those moments are unique… but, hey, maybe this weekend we can try again!
We have been jamming most Friday nights around 10pm ET. Should be on tonight. Just checking with Chris
TMW4, I will try, although after 3 flights, 14 h in air / airports the whole day…
Bear with me, I'll kiss / hug family first…. Oh, No….. can't do that these days…
I'll jump straight on Jammr :-)
Hey, I posted in Forum Jam sessions invitations, although I don't have a premium private room.

10:30 pm ET, as you recommended.

Hear you soon,
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