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Full Version: asio4all, MS GS WAVETABLE SYNTH, Windows 7
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I've installed asio4all, can't get the Windows device manager to report MS GS WAVETABLE SYNTH, regardless of having set an environment variable to allow reporting hidden devices in Windows 7. all kinds of old devices show on the tree, but no MS GS WAVETABLE SYNTH. device manager doesn't even list the “software devices” category, in order to find the MS GS WAVETABLE SYNTH and disable it. not sure where else to look for whatever is disabling asio4all getting ahold of my laptop's hardware playback device.
Hi LiveIfOnEcho,
Are you trying to use MS GS WAVETABLE SYNTH with jammr? If it is a Windows audio device it should appear under the WDM-KS and WASAPI audio systems in jammr's sound settings.
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