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Full Version: No audio input on second OSX user account
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I had to create a new user on my mac (long story), and on the new user, Jammr sees no audio input. So I uninstalled the application and reinstalled, still no audio. Other software sees audio just fine on the new user though, and on the old user account (still on the machine) Jammr sees audio just fine. FWIW this is Catalina, audio interface is ProSonus Audiobox USB 96.

Evidently Jammr doesn't manage audio across users well, and deleting the application and reinstalling doesn't give you a clean hard reinstall (I can tell because on first launch of the new install, it remembered my username/password).

Are there addition files to hunt down and delete to do a completely clean reinstall?

Hi enncee,
Sorry there was an issue with audio input on a second macOS account.

It's possible that the second user hasn't given jammr permission to use the microphone. Here is an article from Apple showing how to enable microphone permission for an app:

1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security
& Privacy, then click Privacy.
2. Select Microphone.
3. Select the tickbox next to jammr to allow it to access the microphone.

Hope this helps!
thanks! - of course… (since I'm using an audio interface, ‘microphone’ access didn't even occur to me, they should rename the preference to ‘audio’ access
Glad it's working now!
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