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Hello every body! (Sorry about my inglish in advance)
First I have yo say that I don't know music teory… Some of you had notice for sure. I need a little help with BPI concept and how It affects on the jam. I know tha BPM It's tempo but not sure about the other.
I would like to improve my performance and make It easier for all of you guys

PD: I'm spanish if some one can explain me on español that be great.

Thanks a lot in advance. I still trying to know how this work. For me It's like magic lol
Hi BassHammer,

Welcome to Jammr community!

You can open the Technical support and read the following:
Sticky: How does jammr work?! Introduction to interval-based jamming by D4ni3L

And here is my explanation:
BPM is indeed the tempo and BPI (Beats Per Interval) means the LOOP LENGTH.

Basically you are considering the BPI length as a “brick”, which is used to build “a wall”.
“Bricks” will come one after the other to build a “row” (which is your track, your song containing the repetitive chord progression).
The other musicians' layers added over your track are other musician's “rows” of the “wall”.
They can hear your loop played over the BPI length later (due to latency), they play their part in sync with what they hear / sync with Metronome, which you will hear later superimposed exactly over your part.

This way numerous musicians can contribute adding their track played on their instruments.

Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun Jammr-ing!
Thanks a lot Hardy, that was very helpfull.
All in all your just another brick in the Wall :D
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