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Full Version: A community jamming etiquette guide?
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The original post has been replaced at the author's request. The points they made and their frustrations were valid. Most of us have had jam sessions that didn't go well because others were soloing excessively or not leaving space.

As suggested below, let's come up with guidelines to help people have satisfying jam sessions and learn how to play together better. Let's do this together!
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Thanks for bringing this up! It is frustrating when this happens and discussing it helps.

I think jammr should have an etiquette guide covering taking turns soloing, volume levels, chat, etc. It should be written by the community.

Below is a starting point. You can reply with your ideas, including edits to what I've written. Let's come up with something and then keep it in a prominent place (stickied) on the forum.

Jamming Etiquette

Check whether you are louder or quieter than others after joining a jam session and adjust the input volume on your sound card if necessary. When starting a new jam, set your input volume slightly lower than the metronome click.

Politely encourage others to adjust their volume levels or tuning. Keep in mind they may not hear the jam the same way as you, depending on their speakers/headphones and mixer volume levels.

Avoid critizing or complaining about musical style or playing skill. People have different tastes and abilities. Join another jam session or start a new one instead.

Keep solos limited in duration so that others have a chance to play a solo too. 1 minute is often an appropriate maximum.

When not soloing, support a rhythm player so they can take their turn to solo (unless the jam is already crowded with rhythm players). If you are not good at rhythm, do it anyway and you'll become better.

Provide a solid foundation for the jam. Keep it consistent and simple so the jam holds together.

Number of users
If a jam session has become too crowded, post a message like “I'm starting a new jam to create more space to play” and join an empty jam session.
I have yo say that I'm one of the endles bass lines. Sorry guys I'll try to keep It more simple. The Last day that I was jamming I made the mistake of have my send botton on when I want to keep It off. I got some words and criticism on the chat and I understand It. Some of us are new players and don't know how to set BPM and BPI properly to have every thing sync. That is another issue that I'll try to fix. Also I am a musician that came from punk bands and mi konwlege of music teory it's very low.

Looking forward to improve and Jam whit you guys. Be pacient my friends. And thanks for the post
Guilty as charged

I know i can sometimes be overloud and solo endlessly i do try and be mindfull and let others solo
so im not totaly a b-stard.

Please if you think i need to STFU just say so i wont get offended.
i just do this for fun so i can take critsism but i do agree with you sometimes it get
My biggest problem is the “send” button. Besides accidentally leaving it on, which I do often, sometimes I'll press it to mute myself and it doesn't always seem to unhighlight. Perhaps it's my touch screen. Or, maybe I'm accidentally pressing it twice and not realizing it, because it takes a few seconds for it to highlight and unhighlight after pushing it and I'll think I haven't pressed it so I click it again. I like going into Jay Percival's jams because he's usually got the best going and is very respectful about asking others what bpm or chord progression they would like. Not to mention, it's nice to have someone singing during a session.
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