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Full Version: Jammr Jam JammCast - Friday 30th April 12:00 midday (BST)
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Hello guys,

Sorry it's short notice and I've not been around much lately. Half term and a video project have taken up a fair amount of my time. But I'm ready to get Jammring again!!

If anyone is interested just pop your name down and I'll add you to the whitelist.

So far I know High Action is coming (arranged mid stream today 😂🤣😂🤣). Stefanha is in too!!

Hope to see you all tomorrow

Keep Safe

Looking forward to jamming in about 20 minutes.

If you just want to listen and interact with Jay on the chat, join the live stream:

Thank you so much Stefanha and HighAction for playing on the Jammr Jam JammCast today. You guys were epic.

Here's a link to the video of the stream

Thanks again guys

Keep safe

Thanks for the link! LIstening back to recordings is an incredible way to learn.

So many years of jamming and I still learn new things when I listen back to the recordings.
Nice gig, guys!
I hope to make it to one of these one of these days!
Hi Jay,

Interested to join one of your future jam-casts. Can you add me to your early warning list?

Spoof : you are already whitelisted mate

Hardy : I'll try and remember to add you to the list tomorrow but remind me when I post the next participation request.

Glad there is so much interest. Thanks for listening and I hope to jam with you soon.
Hello Jay!! I've been listening you guys and I love the sound. Will be great for me to join one of these days and play some bass. You probably have a lot of request like mine so don't worry if it's not possible. Have fun!!

PS: You have to start a Jammr band lol
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