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How to announce your own jam session

This forum section is for announcing jam sessions ahead of time so that others can join in.

Anyone can announce a public jam session here. Other jammr users will be able to find out about and join your session.

Here are tips for announcing your jam sessions and getting great musicians from around the world to join them!

Announce at least 24 hours in advance
Make sure to post at least 1 day before the scheduled time. This way people have time to see your post on the forum and can plan to join.

Use the full date
Include a full date like Friday, September 26th so it is clear when your jam will take place. As obvious as it sounds, it's easy to forget this so double-check that you got the date right.

Link to a world clock
People from around the world use jammr and they live in different time zones. When you post a time without a time zone like “3 pm” they will not know what time that is in their time zone.

The easiest solution is to post a world clock link:

The link has a time in the UTC (also known as GMT) timezone. You can adjust the time in the link, the format is YYYYMMDDTHHMM:

  • YYYY - the year (2014)
  • MM - the month number (September is 09)
  • DD - the day number (20)
  • HH - the hour number in the 00 to 24 clock (also known as military time)
  • MM - the minute number (00)

Once you have created a link, click it and check that the time is correct before you post.

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