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WASAPI is apparently not supported by my sound card (get red message in File –> Settings that it won't work). But with Windows DirectSound I get a green message and it looks like it should work at least (although I guess it will have more delay). But when I join a room I hear no noise, apparently can't send any and if my friend (who can successfully activate WASAPI) sends anything I can't hear it either. Shouldn't I at least get some sound? I have no problem under Windows using e.g. TeamSpeak to hear or send sound through my mic.

Thanks for any help!
Hi Soleone,
Here is the easiest way to check if audio is working:
1. Choose your sound settings in File | Settings…
2. Connect to a public jam session
3. You should see the metronome bar at the bottom of the window filling up each beat, this means the jam session is active
4. Make sure the metronome button is depressed (shaded) and you will hear a metronome click with each beat

General audio tips:
1. Double-check your input and output device settings in the File | Settings… dialog.
2. Usually sample rates of 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz work best.
3. Usually latencies between 10-20 milliseconds work best.
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