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(This is a work in Progress)
How to install and configure Jammr by HighAction

It Seems lots of people are having trouble getting Jammr up and running correctly, and although the Jammr installation is pretty much trouble free there are a few teething problems people have when trying to connect their equipment E.g. Guitars, keyboards Etc..

So i though i would write this guide to help out and hopefully it will help some of you.

Ok so download Latest Version of Jammr from Install as per any application Jammr installs itself under your local Profile if you wish to change location for trouble shooting purposes then do so, but the default location should be sufficient for most users.

Make sure you’re using the most up to date Audio Drivers for your PC/MAC/Linux Machines as proprietary ones often to give access to advanced features.

Before you fire up Jammr you need to make a few little checks under windows control panel/Sound. The first thing you need to check is to make sure you have no open mic sources (This is mostly for Laptop Users with built in Microphones who want to sing or play Acoustic Instruments and don’t have headphones ) make sure the Built in Microphone is Muted on Playback Panel, This will stop your sound coming back out of your own speakers and creating echo’s others will still be able to hear what you’re playing/Singing Just not yourself therefore avoiding a feedback loop

If you intend to connect your equipment to the microphone socket then you need to make sure that the panel microphone is set as your primary recording device

So you done you checks you got the latest drivers installed and you got no unwanted open mic sources now it’s time to Fire up Jammr and Login “But before you connect to a Session” you need to check you Jammr Settings making sure you have Selected the Correct Device Inputs and Outputs for your connected Instruments for Example so people have more than one Audio device installed on their computed so they will need to check to see if jammer has selected the correct one.

So you checked the Jammr settings and everything looks good now select Connect from the main menu you should be presented with a list of Active Jams Sessions simply double click on any Public or open Jam Session to Join Or Even created you own Jam Session.

IF when you try to connect to a session jam and you are presented with a Audio Warning Message this usually means that there is another program this is using the Selected audio device and as Jammr is Very Audio Intensive it does not like to share the audio ports, Check to make sure you do not have any other programs like Skpye, Ventrillo, Teamspeak Ect… Open.
Thanks for posting this guide, HighAction!

I edited the post to fix typos (“audio drives” -> “audio drivers”, “thier” -> “their”) and changed “open sources” -> “open mic sources”.
so, after I plug my keyboard to my laptop (through my interface) does jammr automatically pop up? if not, where do I do to record my tracks to share with others. I know how to use audacity. Is jammr like that?
Hi keymastEr,
jammr does not automatically pop up. You can launch it after plugging in your keyboard. jammr will then let you connect to a jam session and play live with other musicians.
ok, sir. Thank you
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