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Please take this for what its worth… I'm a new user and am only offering opinion and commentary here; I do not profess to have any intimate knowledge of music, programming, or marketing. That being said, I do have some thoughts about Jammr.

Clearly there are not enough people in north America that know about Jammr. Every time I mention it to musicians I know, they have never heard of it. I think this app has the potential to be very popular and successful. I'm not sure if charging members or corporate sponsorship is the best avenue to ensure its viability but that can only be determined by spreading the word and making this app live up to its potential.

I see it being a 24/7 jam zone for people with varying tastes and levels of expertise that has no limits. Imagine a live performance in a public venue with video capture of the musicians streamed in with Skype to large screens, and jammr output to a PA… A live concert from musicians anywhere. This can be done at a club or party as part of the on-going entertainment. Most people with high-speed internet in their homes already have all the technology and tools they would need to make this scenario a reality at no, or negligible additional cost. That's an amazing thing! From what I've seen most of the other similar apps to Jammr are very typical of Linux apps and tools, not for your average consumer & will never likely have massive appeal. Jammr is pretty easy to get going and installs automatically.

A linkedIN business profile is a great way to gain much needed exposure… join as many groups as possible and ask for endorsements for related services…
-If we could get someone with hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter, linkedIN and or facebook to give a thumbs up or specifically endorse jammr as their way of jamming with friends at a distance, it can really help drive the traffic Stef needs to make this grow and develop. A famous musician like John Mayor would probably do it!

There is also the Howard Stern show… They have over 20 million listeners and a mention on the air waves would immediately result in thousands of new users.
Thanks, housenet!

There is a lot more potential in jammr and online jamming in general. The community keeps growing. Back when jammr launched, the weekly jam sessions were often very small. Times have changed but there is still a long way to go!
Haha times do change!!!!…

yesterday i was waiting for jammr to crash LOL… over 10 users in one room … but it worked actually really well

…things are in Progress… users are getting together…<hi House!> …. doing a lot of advertising on my own…. working on some well known swiss beatboxer and musicians to get there followers to jammr LOL …. lots of potential as you say…..

…really good work! and a very good idea this jammr is! and i also really like the introvideo on the Site!!!!! But i am a bit disapointed about the general visual look of the whole thing… it looks like designed by a dry programmer…. not to be misunderstood… well done work but it needs to be refreshed to a nice new looking thing… it may look as exciting as it actually is ….. Im just another Musician but also GrafikDesigner and Webdeveloper with my own opinion….

gratulation to the founder! (is that you stafan??) i thought the Site was registered on somebody else?

greetings Bo
Thanks Bo.

I have a lot of plans for jammr and many of the pain points are clear. Thanks for mentioning some of the areas where you'd like to see jammr improve.

Regarding the UI design, a new user interface for jammr is long overdue and I recently started experimenting with new code for that. It will take time but the idea is to drop the “desktop application” feel.

I find media center and tablet interfaces inspiring because they offer good full screen experiences. Full screen is a great approach so you can step back and play your instrument without losing track of what's going on in the jam session. Bending over a computer to mouse around interrupts jamming - that can be solved with a modern UI that is simple and touch-friendly.

I realize that not everyone wants to go full screen. For example, when using VST plugins that provide their own user interface. So windowed jammr will still work nicely thanks to a scalable UI.

That is the vision I'm following for the jammr user interface.
Your plans sound really good for the interface…
…Touchfriendly would be a dream… but maybe not yet neccessary… i at least havent got my studio setup with touchscreens for a better VST control yet although i planed it years ago … but man… that would be a hugh step forward to making things simple…

As long as needs are everywhere … why not just get it work properly with all OSs and well looking for the moment?
Believe me you will get further step by step!

I was a bit scared the other day… since many people have really bad settings by the time of first logging in to jammr, other jamming Users using headphones are in danger of hurting their sence of hearing really badly…

…And since there is no Noiselimiter this is just dangerous since i cant control others volumes while playing my instrument….as a musician i do need a good high volume over headset but at the moment i have to deal with any Noise for the duration of any time! (until user with bad settings does something or i am able to mute him after seconds of reaction). This can really HURT!

Just a simple workaround: muted User after logging in… I would have to stop playing my instrument, disable muted on newentered User… and would just be immediatly ready to mute him again in case of Bad soundsettings. This would at least decrease the duration of these hurting and dangerous soundpeaks…
even better would be a LIMITER/Killer?!
This needs to be fixed somehow…
The other day i had to stop jamming with really bad hurting ears after a user messed around with his settings… i was a bit scared of posible damage to my ears… but lucky… all is good!

Just another thought and sorry for this major Problem!
If any support can be given back to you, please let me know!
If you have the volume so loud that other people's sound (including feedback or noise) will hurt your ears then you need to lower your volume permanently to a safe level.

Safety cannot be achieved inside jammr because it isn't the only thing that generates sounds. Depending on your computer and your audio setup there could be a number of other things that can cause sudden noises or interference. So even if jammr limits audio you are still at risk.

The way to protect your ears is to set the physical volume control on your speakers or headphones to a safe volume level. This guarantees that even high volume sounds from the computer will not hurt your ears and you will be protected from issues with the cable too.

That said, I have thought about feedback detection or simply muting users who broadcast above a certain volume level. It is a nice feature to add in the future.

Its me again
… been playing at 25% Volume really low since then… just a poor workaround based on lazyness….

Anyway this was fine just until somebody crashed in with 400% volume… And nearly blew up my headphones!!!!

…A fix is neccesary! … This is a safty risk! As MP3 Player have to have a volume limit… jammr should also have one… Im quite sure that your users should be protected by Jammr…. Really Not happy with this!!!!

___>>>Noiselimiter / Volumelimiter Please!!!!
i understand…

….no interest in health issues of your users!!

Good to know!
Bo, you did not listen to my explanation in reply #6. The key part is:

“The way to protect your ears is to set the physical volume control on your speakers or headphones to a safe volume level”

Your physical volume knob must be low enough so that the loudest sound cannot hurt your ears. It seems your volume levels are not balanced. If you follow what I explained in #6 then you will not experience problems.

If you are still concerned about the volume, please don't use jammr.
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