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The ability for someone to be the sound engineer per se being able to mix the different instruments volume and potential he is far as effect levels and things like that
Thanks for the suggestion!

The current goal is to make volume and sound setup easier so that mixing isn't required at all. This means adding VU meters to the user interface and also a “test jam session” where you can hear yourself. I hope that will sound the majority of sound issues.

Some users may still wish to control mixer levels, thanks for expressing your interest in this.
I use a simple VST plugin to control my own volumen and match the general level while playing hope this helps ;-)
The current goal is to make volume and sound setup easier so that mixing isn't required at all.
I still think the solution is to add a mixer. ill explain the reason.
Sometimes, when i jam, other jamers complain i'm too loud, while it sounds normal to me compared to another instruments in jam. so i have to reduce my volume and almost can't hear myself to do not sound loud to the others. A client side mixer would solve this problem where would each one configure the sound volumes at their likes. The vst plugin i use and most of guitar players use, isn't that flexible to set the volumes well.
mrr970: Do you have the “Play back my audio” option enabled in jammr's sound settings?

This option should be enabled in most cases. It allows you to hear yourself at the volume level that other users experience. If you have “Play back my audio” disabled then you have no way of knowing what volume level you are recording at.

The reason why this option is available is because users with a microphone may not want to hear themselves “twice” (once from the amp or acoustic instrument, and again from the computer speakers). But even in that case it's preferrable to use headphones and enabled “Play back my audio”.
Stefanha: i already use “Play back my audio” enable.
Great, using “Play back my audio” is the key to hearing the mix that others hear too.

Do you have an amp speaker or acoustic instrument that causes you to hear yourself on top of the sound produced by jammr?
Thanks for the suggestion!The current goal is to make volume and sound setup easier so that mixing isn't required at all.
I like the idea but I still feel a mixer is necessary for certain applications.

For example when I'm using a mic I need to set my pre-amp gain as hot as possible for the best possible signal to noise ratio and performance. However that signal may or may not be too loud for the jam.

It's best to mix and attenuate that signal after the preamp. Turning down the microphone gain is not always the best way to set volume levels in a jam.

If ease and simplicity is your goal then why not include the mixer but add the option to hide it?
dBRenekton: It sounds like you want an input volume control rather than a mixer for all the audio (including from other players). That is a good idea and I've added it to the todo list.

Does your computer have a software volume control for your sound input? Maybe you can use that for the time being.
oh yes a mixer is much NEEDED …along with a start / stop for recordings
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