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i know it's been mentioned somewhere here, but i can't find it again. i wanted to add a hearty “Me too” to the notion of having the app NOT quit out when you disconnect from a jam. Sometimes there is more than one jam going on, and i'd like to connect to one, see if the vibe and instumentation is right for me to join in and then, if not, go back to the available jam's list and check out the other. Instead, when i disconnect, the whole app goes away and i have to restart (and sign in again, for which i'd LOVE a “Remember password” feature) and then connect to the other jam.

That being said, it's a great idea and lots of no-pressure fun to participate in
Hi locustsloth,
jammr should not terminate when you do File | Disconnect.

Which operating system are you using (Mac, Windows, or Linux)?
Ok I see now. I was just closin out the window of the jam. And even when I disconnected, the jam window just stayed there, so I thought “Connect” would open that same jam again. Only just now did I actually try it and see that the list comes up again. Thanks!
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