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If this thing is going to be successful, it seems imperative that there be some intuitive method of setting levels; some sort of meter. There seems to be very few who are aware of the fact that they are overwhelming the mix (if you can call it that). At the very least, some sort of limiter or peak indicator. This problem seems to be exacerbate by people who mic cabs.
Yes, it's very difficult to judge the mix when there is sound in the room (e.g. miced cab).

I hope to add VU meters, input volume control, and master output volume control soon.
+1 on this suggestion…. as it now is, all sounds fine on my side…. i get the recording and find out I'm too weak or too boomy… wish I could remedy this during real time….

Also, some folks might try turning up their headphones or whatever and turn down their gain … a good room level makes space for everyone….
I like the ability to mute others but it would be even better if we could turn up or down their volume that we're hearing. Right next to the mute button a vol slider
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