Hello Jammr Community,

*** EDIT: I got this working before I was going to post my problem. If I went to File and then settings in Jammr. I changed the audio settings selection at the bottom from Microsoft WDM-KS to MME and this appears to have resolved my issue ***

I am stuggling to get a session set up on my Samsung RV515 laptop using Windows 10 and a USB to XLR microphone lead with xlr microphone attached.

At this point all I want to try and achieve is to start a new session and be able to hear the vocal in the session.

I can get to Connect To Server Screen on Jammr but as soon as click the new jam button there is an error message that comes up. After I have done this, if I try to go back and connect to a session I can see the old session listed.

When I first tried to do use jammr I was having a different problem. I could create a session but I was getting a loud noise in my right side of my headphones and I could also hear the metronome. The loud noise was a bit like a continuous lower frequency square wave that was very loud. I changed my audio settings in jammrs settings and also in windows. It was when I changed the audio settings to what I thought was correct I started having issues.

Error Message When New Jam Button pressed

"There was a problem starting audio. Try The Following Steps.

Check that the audio device connected
Ensure no other applications are using the device
Check input and output devices in the audio configuration dialog
Select a different audio system in the audio configuration dialog

If this problem continues please report a bug and includes contents of the log file at CUsers/Laptop/AppData/Local/jammr/log.txt